​Art in FLUX Harlem presents

Speaking in Tongues


December 5, 2012 - January 28, 2013

Location: 1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (at 118 st.)
Gallery hours: Wed. to Sat. 12:00-7:00, Sun. 12:00-5:00


Seven artists invent their own languages in their work to effectively express their concepts.

The search for truth can result in obsessive leaps of inventiveness. Reaching near ecstatic levels through repetition and pattern in their studio practice, the seven artists in Speaking in Tongues present their inventive ideas through a wide range of subject and media.  From interactive sculptures created from pom-poms signifying aviary flocking behaviors and screensavers that use mathematical formulae to produce self replicating visual gestures that follow and imitate one another, like sheep or to meticulous drawings that depict ordinary household subject matter in miniature, in limitless variations. Two artists both employ languages that pair color and sound into a compelling new grammar, both in visual poems, performance, interactive digital media and paintings.  Lastly, the interpretations of shapes and solitary forms, both as political subject matter and symbolization of Self are the work of two more painters.

In tandem with this exhibition will be a series of Saturday programs, to be announced, that pull in other communities of artists and practitioners of invented languages, such as Con-langers, scat singers, rappers, linguists and religious healers who use speaking in tongues as a part of their spiritual practice..

Exhibiting Visual Artists:
Anne Pomponio
Arleen Schloss

Ellen Hackl Fagan

Jim Hett

Julio Valdez

Scott Draves

Suzan Shutan

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Video by: Scott Draves