Pop-Up Galleries

​August 8, 2012 - September 13, 2012

Location: 1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (at 118 st.)

Gallery hours: Wed. to Sat. 12:00-7:00, Sun. 12:00-5:00

“SMALL” features – just as the name implies – small artworks by 18 artists with the intent to introduce a large number of Harlem artists to the Art In FLUX audience and provide a fun and accessible exhibit in the summer months.  New Yorker’s are exposed to art on a daily basis from museums and art galleries to bus stops and subway stations. It’s only natural that we admire the art and have the urge to possess it.  “SMALL” was designed by Art in FLUX Harlem interns with some advisory help and was fueled by the concept that art should be accessible to all of us.  Their initiative was to select an artistically diverse and talented group of artists from Harlem and invite them to present SMALL, fresh, and inventive work fitting for a small NYC apartment or a suitcase on its way back to another part of the globe.

Exhibiting Visual Artists:

Ai Campbell 

Al Johnson

Anya Roz

Bayeté Ross Smith

Beatrice Lebreton


Ellen Hackl Fagan

Ibou Ndoye

James Rauchman

Jay Miriam

Mariano Cinat

MIchele Brody

Montserrat Dauboón

Noreen Dean Dresser

Norma Marquez

Phillipe Avignant

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Susan Stair

Tara Mhella

Curated by: Daniel Pizarro

Opening Reception: August 8, 2012


​May 31 to June 28

1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (at 118 st.)

Gallery hours: Tues. to Sat. 12:00-7:00, Sun. 12:00-5:00

Each day the street opens up the possibility to be both vulnerable and unprotected. And each day we put ourselves again in this position in order to work, eat, and play. Through photography, painting and sculpture, STREET portrays both the seen and the unseen; those who are empowered to embrace their strength and those still searching for a way to be free of harassment and abuse.

Exhibiting Visual Artists:
Eileen Burgess
Jonathan Elliott
Jay Miriam
Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Bayeté Ross Smith
Matt Siffert
Edward Hillel

Curated by: Erin Goldberger

Opening: May 31, 6pm to 9pm

Azariah Gunn, actress, writer and director will read from her new book, A-Z Diaries

Solomon Hicks  on guitar (jazz, blues, R&B) with Georgie Exinord of the Harlem Arts Alliance and Souleo Enterprises' CULTURE CRASHERS

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 June 14 to June 27

2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (between 121st & 122nd St.)
Gallery Hours: Mon. 4:30-6:30; Thurs. 4:00-7:00; Sat. & Sun. 12:00-4:00

The exhibition is exposing stories, bringing them into a new light; their own light. It represents the immense potential that is within every one of us. Art starts off like a piece of clay that's ours to form and create. Each piece explains a portion of their soul exposing parts of themselves they didn't know existed. A talent is never new, you just had no knowledge of it until you've explored and learned more about yourself. After this unexplored talent is tapped into, a new power is unleashed. It creates a turning point in our stories. It's the start of a new revolution, the beginning of a new form of exposure.

Statement Written by Teen Curators: Anaya, Ebony, Nick, Quasim

Exhibit Manager: Farah

​Presented by: Artistic Noise and Art in FLUX Harlem

Opening Reception Thursday, June 14th 5pm-8pm

Tasting by: Corner Social​

Solomon Hicks on guitar (jazz, blues, R&B) 6:00-6:30
Remarks at 6:30


May 2 to May 24

1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (at 118 st.)

Gally Hours: Tues. to Sat. 12:00-7:00; Sun. 12:00-5:00 

This project explores the impact the urban environment has on an artist and how their work reflects the spirit and vitality of the community.  Harlem has attitude and visceral qualities. The visual voice of the participating artists are incited by the city’s energy and translated into color, texture, movement and story. Each artist through painting, mixed medium, poetry, and music depicts the urban environment through their eyes​

Exhibiting Visual Artists:
Ellen Hackl Fagan
Monserrat Daubon
Leslie Powell
Anya Roz​
Hiroshi Jashiki​
Pedro Villalta​

Curated by: Mariano Cinat

Opening Night May 2 6pm-9pm

Music by Masters of Mambo
Poetry reading by Maria Aponte, author Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella
Tastings by The 5 and Diamond Restaurant Harlem & Sugar Hill Beer

Click here to see artist profiles form this exhibition.